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The demand of boots is directly proportional to weather, colder the weather greater the demand. Choosing the right style all the while keeping the comfort element in mind is an arduous task. But don’t worry a simple solution to this predicament is “Fracap Boots”.

If the brand name doesn’t instantly echo in your memory it’s because you are not familiar with the name. Own by the Cappeello family which has managed to produce excellent boots over the last 100 years and is still doing an outstanding job, primarily targeted Japan with their products. While discussing designer menswear boots in Japan “Fracap Boots” is a name that is bound to come up.

The shoe factory was founded by ambitious brothers Alfred and John Cappeello in 1948 and is based in Lecce. They made this factory to follow their passion inherited from their father Antonio – a famous shoe maker in 1908’s. Fracap introduced the novel idea of producing footwear’s which were suitable and durable for farm work. Then in 1987, the successor of Alfred, Anthony and Michael took over the company and introduced an innovative line of shoes that specifically targeted the army. Boots were designed for Italian Army, Navy, Carabineers and the Army Air Force.  In 2002, production was diversified adding flair and creativity to the products. Increase in the competition lead to production of civilian shoes. Not only the simple waking wears were produced but also mountain climbing and hiking boots were introduced.

Scarponcini boots are known for their comfort, style, different designs and wide range of price. After enjoying tremendous success in Japan, Fracap decided to expand their audience. They are now planning to target the European menswear market as well. All the Fracap boots are handmade and they are produced in Lecce, Italy. Most of their boots feature the Fracap Logon on the outer ankle and the inside of most of these boots are lined with leather. Also the insole is also made up of leather to increase the comfort level. Among all their shoe styles the most famous are the Monkey boots and the Scarponcini boots. Despite sharing a similar silhouette they have very different styles.

First up is the Scarponcini style; these boots are more like the traditional hiking boots. Their upper is made of up leather and is available in three different colors – dark brown leather, Marro leather and sand suede. They have Vibram ‘Morflex’ sole unit and Fracap logo is embossed on the outer ankle along with a craftsman signed insole. They also have padded ankle.  On the other hand the Monkey boots are slim suede boots. They have long lace stay, having 10 brass eyelets and these long stays are the reason behind the very stout toe. These boots come in two colors – sand and dark brown. Like the Scarponcini style, these boots also feature the Fracap logo on the outer ankle. Also the inside is lined with leather and a leather insole is added for comfort.